Promoting healthy lifestyles.
Women of SWU attending HIV health seminar
Giving hope to those in need.
Women of SWU dancing with gratitude.
Ensuring other lives a future.
Smart Walk Uganda
In Feb 2009, foreseeing a large increase of orphaned children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS, marked the mobilization started by a few members during a burial ceremony that concluded to form a charity organization to help orphans and young women fight HIV/AIDS in the community.

In addition to providing assistance and support, Smart Walk encourages community members to go for HIV testing.

Since the official registration in 2009, Smart Walk Uganda has made many notable achievements not only for our primary recipients, but for the community as well.


Smart Walk Uganda in the USA was started in 2014 as a fund raising branch in the United States. Since then, SWU in the USA has:
  • Assisted with the development of new projects(Educational Supplement Project, Adult Literacy Project, Water For Life Project,and Seed Project),
  • Raised funds for all projects, food supplements, medical emergencies, transportation, and other needs of the organization.
  • Brought awareness locally to status and conditions of those affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda
Our Mission

· To provide a forum in which widows, and others living with HIV/AIDS where possible, can come together and discuss the problems affecting their families.

· To sensitize the community about HIV/AIDS scourge, its prevention, control and copying mechanisms, through guidance and counseling.

· To integrate disadvantaged individuals: especially orphans, disabled and vulnerable children within the community and providing assistance in realizing their potential and capabilities via training and seminars.

· To ensure environmental management and sustainability.

· To maintain a safe environment for those suffering from HIV, within the community and advocate for human rights.



Our Staff
Micheal Dimila
Micheal Dimila, SWU Director with baby Elizabeth
Susan Mayfield
Susan Mayfield promoting SWU at United Way event in Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Mr. Godfrey
Mr. Godfrey, Academic advisory and teacher for ALP
SWU Ongoing Projects
Adult Literacy Project

A majority of the women in Iganga District who are under the care of SWU cannot read or write. They often lack the ability to do simple math, as well. These are basic skills for all who wish to pull themselves out of poverty.

Water for Life

The purpose of the Water for Life project is to prevent families from collecting unsanitary water in dangerous locations such as swamps. Smart Walk Uganda provides jerry cans for collection and monthly fees for clean drinking water.


The Educational Supplement Project(ESP) provides school uniforms, lunches, testing fees, and educational supplies such as pens, pencils, and booklets.For some students their school lunch is their meal for the day.

Seed Project

The Seed Project provides high quality seeds for subsistence gardening and micro farming. Some women grow small gardens to feed their families. Others grow up to 2 acres of a single or at most 2 crop to sell at the market for family needs.

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